3D Design and Modeling

3D design and modeling on a computer
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Geometric objects are constructed into a three-dimensional shape in CAD programs. Computer-aided design encompasses all design processes, e.g., geometric modeling, computation, simulation and the provision of information from conception to the production of the model. This enables a realistic three-dimensional representation of the component during and after modeling.

The requirements for the structure of a 3D model can vary greatly. Stability, accuracy, depth of detail and flexibility depend on the use and application of the component.

A variety of software vendors provide solutions which help to improve visualization and test the functionality and performance of designs under realistic conditions. There are free programs for new and advanced designers including Blender, TinkerCad, FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, Sculptris and SketchUp Make.

Areas of Application

The diverse areas of application for 3D printing include prototyping as well as the manufacture of products ready for series production for various industries.