3D Printing Templates

3D prototypes for gear wheels lying next to each other
computer draft of 3D object
metallic 3D object with laser melting

Modeling 3D objects requires a lot of creativity, experience and time. Therefore, it can be helpful to research whether models or templates are already available for download, which correspond to your own ideas, before carrying out the object.
In recent years, online marketplaces and forums have been created where designers and builders publish their 3D models and offer them for download to the general public. As the popularity of 3D printing continues to grow, so does the range of publicly available 3D models: Thingiverse is one of many portals that offers both the upload and free download of 3D templates. The models can be available in various file formats (e.g. GBJ, PLY or ACIS), but are usually converted to the STL format before printing.

3D Design and Modeling

The design of three-dimensional shapes is carried out with the help of CAD programs, which enables geometric modeling, calculation and simulation.